Passion Planner Review

PASSION PLANNER: If you could have anything, be anything, or do anything, what would it be?

Every thriving professional student requires organizational assistance. Now, one of the stipulations to being a professional student is that we often lack the funds to splurge on a real life human. What’s the next best thing to paying a personal assistant?: A personal organizer. Personal organizers over the past decade have shifted to a digital platform, making them more accessible to your mobile devices and tablets. We are beginning to see an inundation of the app market with various developers promising to provide an all inclusive digital organizer within the palm of your hand. However, when it comes to trusting our daily lives to one source, there are those few of us who prefer the weight of a small notebook and the scratch of our pen against paper to the bright displays of mobile applications. 

Let me clarify that I have tried various personal planner applications on my iPhone and my Mac Book (I will be doing reviews of these attempts at a later date). But I often found that digitizing my daily life made it difficult to see the larger picture of my weekly and monthly schedules in correspondence with my daily life.

Today I am reviewing a paper planner for those of us who are:

  • visually oriented 

  • find it hard to set goals and stick to them 

  • looking for a life coach

The Passion Planner, created by Angela Trinidad, is one of the few planners to effectively implement all of these features and even more into one intuitive paper planner. 

Passion Planner Overview

  • Passion Planner is a tool that helps you break down your long term and short term goals and incorporate them into your daily life

  • How? With the four key components included in this planner: a Passion Roadmap, monthly layouts, weekly layouts, and monthly reflection pages

Pros & Cons


  • Separation of personal and professional/work tasks

  • Planner lays completely flat

  • Sunday and Saturday are given the same amount of space as the other days of the week 

  • Space to note monthly, weekly, and daily focus

  • Passion Roadmap


  • Planner may seem intimidating to some people with the process of the Passion Roadmap, only because it seems like a long process based on the instructions that are included. However, I found that once I got the hang of doing it the first time, then filling out passion plans for subsequent goals became easier

The planner that I purchased is an UNDATED planner, but the traditional planner style that is offered is dated. Passion Planner also comes in a smaller pocket size.


Passion Planner Features: the planner comes with the following

Mini Calendars

  • the planner provides a year view calendar for the next four years that is fitted on two pages

Blank Monthly Calendar

  • Medium-large boxes for each day of the month

  • Sections for noting this month’s focus, note to self, and a large blank area for further notes and Passion Plans

  •  Monthly Check-In list to help you progress your goals

  • A projects/goals section separated between personal and work categories

Monthly Reflection Pages

  • ask a series of questions that allow you to reflect on lessons learned the previous month, how well you managed your time and priorities, and ways that you can improve for the following month

Weekly Layout

  • Each weekly layout takes up two pages within the planner and runs from Monday to Sunday (you can also request a planner that starts on Sunday)

    • Vertical time schedule that runs from 6am to 10:30pm in 30 minute increments

  • Unlike other planners, Sunday and Saturday receive the same amount of space that is allotted to the other days of the week

  • Sections for noting: this weeks focus, todays focus, and positive things that have happened to you that week

  • A different inspirational quote and advise on staying productive each week

  • A large blank section for notes, Passion Planning, or journaling

  • To-Do List separated into personal and work categories

    • Each category is further broken down into three subsections of priorities: high priority, priority, and errands


  • 10 lined journal style pages and 10 grid style pages are included in back of planner

Passion Roadmap: charting your goals to affect real change

  • Helps you create a mind map in which the nodes act as checkpoints and deadlines for your personal and professional goals

  • It is a five minute exercise at the beginning of the planner

    • You answer the following question: “IF I COULD HAVE ANYTHING, BE ANYTHING, OR DO ANYTHING, WHAT WOULD IT BE?"

    • You write down all of the dreams and ambitions that come to your mind and put them within four categories of deadlines: three months, one year, three years, and lifetime

  • When you complete your passion roadmap, the planner takes you through the necessary steps to expand on these goals by creating a Passion Plan for each goal

    • The Passion Plan is another 5 min exercise in which you map out the necessary steps to reach a specific goal, assign due dates to each step by order of priority, and incorporate these due dates within your monthly and weekly calendars

Passion Planner Specs

  • Cover feels very flexible, yet sturdy

  • Elastic clasp to keep the cover closed

  • Entire planner is about as thick as a 150pg to 200pg notebook

  • First page after the cover is just a page for your contact information

  • Inside of the back cover is a thin folder flap /  pocket that is made from a cloth-like material: very resilient and can withstand regular use without tearing

  • Long bright green ribbon / book mark that is a little over 13 inches so that it is easy to spot

Overall Impression

I would give this planner an overall rating of 9/10. If you are interested in purchasing a Passion Planner, go ahead and follow the link or visit:

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