App Review: CubeFree

Last week I flew down to Miami to give a presentation about study abroad programs. I thought I had it planned out perfectly; I would arrive early so I could work on the presentation. But while my flight landed at 6:30am, I was told that even with early check-in my room wouldn’t be ready until 1:00pm.

What was I to do?

Thankfully I had TONS of work to do so I figured I’d head to a coffee shop and knock some things off my to-do list. My first instinct was to find a local Starbucks where I’d be guaranteed to get some coffee and wifi but I figured I’d give this new app a try: CubeFree.

The app specializes in finding the best workspaces based on four criteria: wifi speed, availability of electrical outlets, noise level, and parking. You can filter your searches for Cafes, Libraries, Coworking locations, Top Picks, Outdoor spots, Hotels, Restaurants, iPass available locations, and the best locations in Airports. The selections are user-rated which means that people regularly provide comments like coffee and food suggestions and sometimes wifi passwords for those places that are a little more guarded about their “free” Internet.

After selecting a location, pressing the directions icon takes you straight to Google maps. The app worked like a charm and I was directed to a local branch of Panther Coffee, the only spot on the list that was open early enough to accommodate me.

The only issue I have with the app is that it only provides a name and address of the business; I had to look up the store hours and contact information online. Perhaps a future upgrade will address this. Still I intend to keep the CubeFree app on my phone for my next excursion.

If you find yourself visiting a new city or just looking for a different place to work in town, I suggest you give CubeFree a try.


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