2015 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday is Here!!!

This week is Florida’s 2015 Back-to-School Sales Tax Holiday (August 7-16). For those of you residing in Florida it means that now is the time to do all of your back-to-school shopping. Computers, computer accessories, clothing, school supplies and much more are all tax-free this week. Although the sale is geared toward school-related expenses, the purchases are loosely defined meaning you can even save on some big-ticket items like luggage, suits, tablets, and printers.

I’ve been intentionally holding off for this moment to purchase the Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard/Mouse combo. My current workstation involves my mid-2013 MacBook Pro hooked up to a 21.5-inch Asus monitor. Typing on my laptop’s keyboard for hours while starring at another monitor was wearing on my wrist. Thankfully, the new keyboard/mouse combo allows me to position my laptop and monitor next to each other and reduces my typing fatigue. 

To maximize my discount, I price-matched the $130 Best Buy purchase with B&H photo for $89, and by cutting out the sales tax I saved an extra $5. Many people may not realized but most major retailers will price-match their competitor’s online and in-store prices, in addition their coupons. I prefer purchasing at Best Buy because my Reward Zone status gives me an extended 30-day return policy and I get a $5 gift card for every 500 Reward Zone points I earn. Now is the time to stock up on your back-to-school goodies.

Don't reside in Florida, no problem. Many states are promoting their Tax-Free holiday this month as well. For a complete list, check out freetaxweekend.com 

We will be posting more money saving tips for students. If you have particular tips you’d like to share or questions about maximizing your student discounts, leave a comment and we’ll address it.

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