BASICS Notebook Review (Kickstarter)

BASICS Notebook Review (Kickstarter)

...aiming to help people simplify their lives and get back to the basics with style.
— The BASICS Notebook

I have already shared my own personal bias against digital planners and organizers in a prior post regarding the Passion PlannerSo when we received a request from BASICS Products to write a post on their newest addition, the BASICS Notebook, I felt more than obliged to provide another resource to my fellow paper lovers. 

If you're still in search of an organizational resource that will act as both planner and project manager, then The BASICS Notebook may be what you desire. I've based this review off of their very detailed Kickstarter website as well as a few other links that they provided us to their product. Though it will still be in Kickstarter phase for another month, this notebook is unique because it was produced by people who also found that the current market of notebooks didn't meet their needs. 

Furthermore, for the student that would like to plan out their thesis/dissertation and those of us who have side projects that we would like to launch in the midst of our professional student careers: this notebook is heaven sent. I can see this notebook working in tandem with your traditional/digital planner because it would be a separate space to configure and outline your projects and goals. Providing you with a landscape that many traditional planners omit for the sake of keeping the planner small.

The Basics of The BASICS Notebook

If you would like to see an in depth, page-by-page view of the notebook, visit their profile on ISSUU or the BASICS Notebook Kickstarter page


  • High quality faux leather available in black or mint colors,
  • Specialized elastic that acts as both a clasp to keep the notebook closed and a pen holder
  • Secondary elastic that acts as a bookmark (both elastics used together will hold the notebook pages flat)
  • The notebook lays flat on its own
  • Back pocket storage

Notebook Pages

  • Eco-friendly ivory paper 
  • Monthly Calendar
  • Weekly Calendar (hours ranging from 6am to 10pm)
  • Both lined pages and blank pages
  • Two Whiteboard pages (unheard of in my books and I’m very excited to try)
  • Goal mapping
  • Effectiveness Activities
    • 30 unique activities to boost positivity and increase productivity 
  • Daily Goals
  • Monthly Goals 

Additional Features

The BASICS Notebook is customizable with 12-month and 6-month options (both priced the same). Both options come with the same amount of pages, so be sure to check out their website to find out which option is best for you.

It is safe to say that this notebook could be used as a planner, but I would suggest that you try this notebook as a project specific tool in tandem with your preexisting planner as it will provide for better organization when managing large projects. Some people may be inclined to go with the 12-month layout, but I would encourage you to also check out the 6-month layout. The 6-month layout appeals to me because it can be used to fulfill short term goals and a greater portion of the notebook is dedicated to brainstorming and notes. The 6-month layout also forces you to reassess your goals half way through the year. My only wish for this notebook would be additional white board pages and maybe for those pages to come attached within the binding rather than being loose-leaf. I have a particularly bad habit of losing things and white board paper is invaluable when it comes to evolving your brainstormed ideas. 

What makes the BASICS Notebook any different from the Passion Planner? Any comparison made between the two products is akin to comparing apples and oranges. Both products were conceived under different circumstances for different purposes. They do not set out to assist you with the same aspects. Sure, some of the tools may overlap, but it is better to have tools at your disposal that overlap, than to be without any tools that can accomplish the various projects and goals that are unique to your lifestyle. The one thing that these two products have in common is that they were created by people who actually utilize them, giving both products a sense of personal integrity that you cannot find from a typical planner purchased at Walmart. 

At present, this notebook is still in the Kickstarter phase, but it is available for preorder. The campaign finishes at the end of August, which is roughly one month from now, and these notebooks are anticipated to be shipped by November. You are welcome to head over to their website to contribute toward seeing this thoughtfully designed planner come to fruition. Or you can simply put in an order for your own copy. They have several means to get your hands on this planner, including a free PDF copy of their monthly and weekly layout when you share their Kickstarter. 

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