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BASICS Notebook Review (Kickstarter)

"...aiming to help people simplify their lives and get back to the basics with style."

If you're still in search of an organizational resource that will act as both planner and project manager, then The BASICS Notebook may be what you desire. I've based this review off of their very detailed Kickstarter website as well as a few other links that they provided us to their product. Though it will still be in Kickstarter phase for another month, this notebook is unique because it was produced by people who also found that the current market of notebooks didn't meet their needs. 

Furthermore, for the student that would like to plan out their thesis/dissertation and those of us who have side projects that we would like to launch in the midst of our professional student careers: this notebook is heaven sent. I can see this notebook working in tandem with your traditional/digital planner because it would be a separate space to configure and outline your projects and goals. Providing you with a landscape that many traditional planners omit for the sake of keeping the planner small.